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Delta 8



Pineapple Coconut 


Delta 8 Cart

Hometown Hero Delta 8 Blueberry Gummies

Hometown Hero Delta 8 Disposable Device

Hometown Hero Delta 8 Cart

Hometown Hero Raygun

North Star Hemp Delta 8

Delta 8 Distallate

Forge Delta 8 Tablets

Delta 10

Delta 10 Vape

Delta 10 Vape

Delta 10 Gummie Watermelon

Delta 10 Sour Kids

Delta 10 Gummie Worms

Delta 10 Gummies

Delta 10 Flower Distillate 

Delta 10 Distallate


Raspberry Gummies

Sugar and Kush 750 Gummies

Kore Organic

Element Chocolate

Nirvana Natural Gel Caps 750

Nirvana Melatonin Gel Caps 750

Nirvana Curcumin Gel Caps 750

Carpe Diem 750 Gels

Carpe Diem 2000 Beverage Enhancer

Green Eagle 750 Capsules

Exclusive Hemp Farms Sour Patch Kids
Exclusive Hemp Farms CBD Gummies

Exclusive Hemp Farms Ropes Assorted

Exclusive Hemp Farms Strawberry vs. Watermelon

Exclusive Hemp Farms Potheads

Exclusive Hemp Farms Crush Fruit Mix

Exclusive Hemp Farms Delta 8 Cannaa Banana Gummies

Hometown Hero Watermelon Gummies

Original Hemp Energy Capsules

Strains LLC Delta 8 Gummies

Strains LLC Brownie and Cookies

Strains LLC Delta 8 25mg Gummies

Strains LLC Delta 8 10mg Gummies

Strains LLC Delta 10

California Craft Olive Oil


T2 Flower

Berry Blossom Flower

Cherry Blossom Flower

Cherry Blossom X Boax Flower

Hemp Smokes

Hawaiian Haze Flower

Sour Space Candy Flower

Special Sauce Flower

Suver Haze Flower

The White Flower

Hometown Hero Sour Space Express

Hometown Hero Hawaiian Haze
Hometown Hero Lightning

Exclusive Hemp Farms Delta 8

Strains LLC Moon Rock

Strains LLC CBXB

Strains LLC Delta 8/CBG

Strains LLC West Slope Kush

Strains LLC Organic Flower

Strains LLC Purple Day Seizer

Strains LLC CBGenius

THC-O Flower

Delta 10 Flower


Forge Carts

Pet Products

1 Life 300 Pet Tincture

1 Life 500 Pet Tincture

1 Life 1000 Pet Tincture

Hemp Trailz Peanut Butter Syringe 50

Hemp Trailz Peanut Butter Syringe 100

Hemp Trailz Peanut Butter Syringe 500

Hemp Trailz Chicken Rawhide Bone 2ct 300

Hemp Trailz Big Dog Biscuits 4ct 300

Hemp Trailz Cat Daily Treats 300

Hemp Trailz Pepperoni Dog Treats 300


1 Life 500 CBD/ 500 CBG

1 Life 1000 CBD

1 Life 1000 CBG

1 Life 1500 CBD

1 Life 3000 CBD

1 Life 5000 CBD

Sugar and Kush 500 Cotton Candy Tincture

Carpe Diem 5000

BLNCD Balance +

BLNCD Bliss +


Exclusive Hemp Farms CBN Oil

Exclusive Hemp Farms Delta 8 Amber 500mg

Exclusive Hemp Farms Delta 8 Amber 1000mg

Original Hemp Fresh Berry

Original Hemp Natural

California Craft Lavender Vanilla

California Craft Lemon Mint

California Craft Natural


1 Life 500 Message Oil

1 Life 1000 Lotion

Sugar and Kush Vanilla 100 Bath Bomb

Green Eagle 1000 Relief Cream

Green Eagle 1000 Roll On

Green Eagle 1000 Salve Stick

BLNCD Body Lotion

BLNCD Body Revival Oil

World Class Health Freeze Gel

World Class Health Pain Balm

World Class Health Cocoa Mint Moisturizing Creme

Hand Sanitizer

California Craft CBD Bath Bomb


TIMBR - CBD Disposable Pen - Fire OG 1ML 500mg

TIMBR - CBD Disposable Pen - Jack Herer 1ML 500mg

Cherry Cherry Vape Cart

Hawaiian Haze Vape Cart

Lifter Vape Cart

Sour Space Candy Vape Cart

Delta 8 Cart

Lemon Cake

Thin Mint

Cake Products


Palm Treez Gummies

Palm Treez Carts

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