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Kratom Dosages

Updated: Jan 12

Dosage for Beginners

If you’re new to the Kratom world, then you have a lot of self-discovery ahead of you. You need to figure out which strain best suits your lifestyle and how much you want in each dose.

A great rule for someone who is not well-versed in all things Kratom but does not have any sensitivities to new botanicals is to start with a low dose, about 1 to 1.5 grams. Use your preferred method to ingest your Kratom – tea, powder, or capsules – and wait 20 to 25 minutes. If you are under 68 kilograms, which is 150 pounds, or are extra-sensitive to any new supplement addition, you can start at .5 grams.

If you don’t experience any benefits with this low dose, add increments of .5 grams until you hit your sweet spot, up to 2.4 grams.

Another great tip is to buy a sample pack of different strains of Kratom. This way, you can discover which strain fits your lifestyle best, and rotate your strains to keep your daily routine fresh.

Dosage for Experienced Users

If you have been involved with the Kratom community for a while, you may find your favored strain and dose has become stale. If you stick with one strain for an extended period, the boost to your well-being is not as powerful. Switching up any botanical is essential to continue the benefits provided by the alkaloids.

To switch up your routine, swap out the strain you use regularly. This doesn’t mean you have to leave off your favorite strain altogether. Add other strains to your regimen on a rotating basis. When starting a new strain, begin as a new Kratom user at 1 to 1.5 grams and work your way up to your sweet spot.

To effectively rotate your strains, try a new strain of Kratom every day, and avoid overlapping the same strain within three days. Of course, the most crucial aspect of this self-discovery process is to listen to your body.

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