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Steam drifts up towards the ceiling above your tub as the calming sound of running water switches on your parasympathetic nervous system. Your heart rate slows and each breath comes easily. Muscle tension gradually slips away. Your mind slows as thoughts float away into the past. Pleasant music plays from your wireless speaker. The lights are dimmed. A package of cbd bath bombs are waiting on the edge of the tub next to a glass of pinot. The entire room feels like a soft hug you desperately need after a long week.

You love Fridays. You have no obligations tomorrow. Your notifications are shut off. The violin of Paganini’s I Papiti draws your mind like a magnet. You slip out of your clothes leaving them behind like a forgotten puddle on the floor. The water is almost too hot as you dip your toe in. It will be a nice long bath. After you immerse yourself in the water, you turn on the jets for a little massage. The doors are locked, you are alone and the mental vacation begins.

After a while you shutdown the jets recognizing Chopin’s Concerto 2 playing on your classical station. You check your phone nearby and smile after confirming your suspicion that you are hearing Martha Argerich’s piano style. Classical music found you not long ago. A life made up entirely of hip-hop is a tragedy. The essence of the natural flows of musicality are captured in symphonic compositions. Your eyes drift over to the bath bombs. You take a sip of wine and select a lavender charcoal CBD bath bomb. You love lavender.

You admire the packaging for a moment before unwrapping the bath bomb. The aroma of lavender meets your nose immediately. The soapy ball of essential oils, organic shea butter and hemp based CBD oil is a dark charcoal color. Dried lavender petals are embedded into the ball in a concentrated perfect circle. You put your nose to the petals and inhale. It simply smells amazing. You drop it into the hot water at your feet and it begins to fizz.

The water turns creamy and you become more relaxed than anytime you can remember. Eating CBD gummies and adding flavored CBD oils from into your food has become a part of your daily routine. You thought you would try their new cbd bath bombs considering how much you like their CBD edibles. Combining CBD with aromatheray and the nourishing properties of essential oils is turning out to be quite the combination. You’ve only taken the one sip of your wine since you got in the tub.

Your skin always feels dry. Sometimes your hands swell and the skin around your knuckles will even painfully crack. You used to keep lotion in your desk drawer at work, but now it just sits on top of the desk all of the time. There is no point in opening and closing the same drawer over and over again. It’s in your car and on the nightstand next to your bed. If they made this bath bomb well, maybe you will actually experience some relief for a couple of days. You take a deep breath and slide under the surface of the water. You accept the skin nourishing essential oils all over your body.

Submerged under the water, you can feel the shea butter, sunflower oil and sea salt caressing every inch of your body. The softened water slips around every curve in this cocoon of comfort. You lift your face and push your head out of the water so that your hair falls back away from your face. Instead of wiping the water from your eyes, you keep them closed to let essential oils settle in even around your eyes. You take a deep breath inhaling the amazing aromas filling the room. They tell your olfactory senses to communicate to your brain that everything is alright. Ok, now it's time for another sip of wine.

You stay in the tub for another easy hour until the temperature of the water tells you it is time to get out. You only ever drank half the glass of wine, but there is still plenty of the evening left. You dry off and take a moment to feel how soft and hydrated your skin is to the touch. It’s like satin. It’s never like satin. You slip into comfy pajamas and head to the kitchen for dinner. You boil a little water for a small portion of angel hair pasta, careful not to over cook it. You saute diced shallots, mushrooms and tomatoes in a tuscan infused olive oil and season it with a little salt, pepper and sage. You deglaze the pan in a nice white wine and pour the medley on top of the plated pasta. Clean up is a breeze and your kitchen is still spotless.

Instead of turning on your tv, you turn on an audio book while you eat on your couch. It’s a fun adventure set in a future full of serious technological advances. You finish the meal and set your empty plate aside on the coffee table. While sipping on your wine, your fingers absently brush the skin of your forearm. It’s so soft. You touch the fingers holding the wine glass. They aren’t swollen. You inspect a crack in the knuckle of your index finger that had been bothering you. It appears to be healing nicely and it isn’t bothering you at the moment. You still feel very relaxed. Still listening to your story, you put your plate in the dishwasher, get ready for bed and climb under the soft covers. You sleep soundlessly all night.

The next day you meet your friend at an outdoor market selling all sorts of organic goodies. There is a honey stand and you smile seeing their new CBD infused honey. Your friend is telling you about a recent date that went wrong. When don’t they go wrong, you think, but laugh off the thought amused. Your friend asks why you are being quiet. You tell them about the new CBD topical you bought and how you took a very luxuriating bath last night with a cbd bath bombs. They know about your dry skin and so you show them your hands and they notice the difference.

Monday rolls in as always, but heading to work isn’t that bad. People come in and out of your office asking for things, changing things and assigning new projects. You take it all in stride. By the afternoon you notice that you haven’t used your hand lotion once all day. The pump sits there staring at you like an obnoxious plastic statue. You look down at your hands and forearms. They aren’t dry. You open your desk drawer and drop the bottle of lotion inside. You go back to work with a satisfied smile. Maybe waiting until Friday for another bath isn’t necessary.

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