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One thing we as people are obsessed with is health. Defining what is “healthy” may differ for everyone, but the majority of us worry about it in some way. Hence why CBD is such a trending topic these days. Even if you’re not the CrossFit fittest person on Earth, you still likely have some health concerns and that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your weight. For the ladies it could be your menstrual cycle, getting pregnant or dealing with cramps. For men it could be your overall heart health or something completely different such as prostate health. Mental health is something that impacts both women and men alike which makes health a never-ending revolving door.

Early on when humans were looking for ways to improve health, they didn’t have much data to go off of, it was all trial and error. We didn’t have Apple watches to track our steps or give us random ekgs. The industrial revolution brought a great deal of innovation that helped to open the information flood gates to data and research. The last 20 years has brought some great discoveries that tell us more about our health and what's going on with our bodies than all the information in the previous 100 years combined.

So, what can we do with all this new information? The goal should be to live healthier and more complete lives. While it’s hard to say if technology will ever get us to the point where we can cure all illnesses and heal all injuries, it seems it can help get us much healthier in our day-to-day lives in a hurry. So the question is; where does CBD fit into this equation? This is a CBD blog afterall.

It comes down to if it has an impact on health. What we know is that the science and medical fields are in the process of catching up to and verifying what many who take CBD products already claim. What can help science get there sooner is data. If people using CBD tincturescan personally track their health on a product like an Apple Watch, they can use that data to work with their doctors to determine effective care plans.

Apple is taking steps in the right direction on multiple fronts, simultaneously," says Mitesh Patel, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania who studies whether and how wearable devices can facilitate improvements in health. 'It's clear they're trying to democratize access to managing your own health, whether it's by monitoring your biometrics, your activity, your menstrual cycle, your hearing health, or whatever.' Those are all things you once had to track actively, or visit a doctor to assess. Now, you can monitor them anytime, anywhere, passively, simply by wearing a device on your wrist.

It sounds like Apple is trying to use technology to achieve a lot of the same goals as the people that have added CBD to their daily routine are trying to achieve. When there is overlap, there are ways of making processes more simple and therefore faster. Think about a woman who can accurately track her menstrual cycle and accurately predict when her cramps are going to begin, she can anticipate when to take measures that can help reduce her symptoms. How about a person with anxiety in a stressful situation that causes their heart to speed up? Their watch may start tapping them in time to curtail a full blown panic attack by letting them know it's time to do somehting?

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