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Acne scars can affect people of all walks of life. Normally associated with awkward teenage years, acne can also unfortunately affect adults of any age. The problem can interfere with day to day activities if you don't feel confident with how you look, which ultimately can increase feelings of anxiety and depression.

If you are embarrassed by the lasting acne scars left by childhood pimple popping and want a natural alternative to treat them, then try pure hemp CBD oil to fade acne scars. Read on below to understand how CBD works naturally with your body to combat acne scarring and prevent future acne flare ups.

Why Use CBD to treat Acne Scars?

Using CBD oil is a growing trend in skincare technology and for good reason. Outdated treatments included harmful acid based creams, lasers, and even surgery to reduce the appearance of acne scars. But now that marijuana is becoming mainstream, new research shows how cannabis helps treat a multitude of ailments.

This includes how the benefits of CBD can help maintain healthy skin and heal it from blemishes without scarring. And what is even better, using a CBD skincare regime comes with no dangerous side effects!

Sometimes scars can itch or cause pain during the healing process. CBD oil can help treat those symptoms as well. The same way CBD is known to help treat neuropathic and other chronic and acute pain, it soothes inflamed skin and binds to endocannabinoid receptors to decrease pain and irritation at the site of wounds and scarring.

You can treat Acne Scars with CBD Oil

Research shows that CBD works naturally with the body’s endocannabinoid system to repair damage from free radicals and works as an anti-inflammatory. It also aids in healthy tissue formation when a wound occurs, and this is where CBD comes into play to help treat and fade acne scars.

When acne occurs, it is your body’s immune response to an infection in one or more clogged pores. An increase in blood flow and white blood cells rush to the site of acne, causing the embarrassing inflamed look of scars as the body reacts to quickly heal a blemish. Large amounts of collagen is sent by the body to the damaged area to immediately form new tissue, called fibro-blasts.

CBD has anti-fibrotic properties in addition to being anti-inflammatory. So using CBD to treat acne and prevent scarring works by decreasing inflammation and reducing fibro-blasts, or the collagen laden tissue that creates the pitted look of acne scars. This makes new skin appear smoother and more even in tone.

How does a CBD tincture help fade Acne Scars?

CBD + CBG can help to fade acne scars by increasing your skin’s elasticity and hydration level. Because of this, it may help reduce the appearance and texture of newly formed scars when used regularly. Because it is also anti-inflammatory, it will also reduce redness at the site of acne and expedite healing when used topically. And since CBD oil helps rescue stress, taking CBD tincture orally every day as well helps prevent breakouts from happening in the future by keeping your stress levels low.

CBD is also found to reduce oil production in skin, which causes clogged pores and breakouts in the first place. When you use CBD oil to treat acne scars, you are actually helping to prevent blemishes from reoccurring.

How to use CBD Oil to treat Acne Scars

Most people are familiar with taking CBD tincture orally for maximum health benefits, but that will not be enough CBD oil in your system to treat an acute skin condition. Use CBD oil topically, or directly to the affected area in addition to an oral regimen for the best results. Don’t use it on broken skin, though, to prevent possible irritation that could make matters worse. The best way to take CBD oil to treat acne scars is to apply a high quality, pure CBD oil directly to the affected area twice a day with clean hands.

First, wash your skin prior to application and dry with a clean towel. Using the tip of your clean finger, massage the CBD oil onto the area of concern until it is fully absorbed into your skin. An all-natural, unflavored pure CBD oil is best because some others may contain other flavors, ingredients, or essential oils that could be irritating to you, so make sure to check the label.

Work CBD oil into your daily skincare routine easily by using a small amount topically before using any other moisturizers or skin creams so that you give your skin a chance to fully absorb the CBD. You can even add a 1000mg CBD tincture to your favorite moisturizer to make it even easier to use. Just blend it well to the consistency you like best.

Where can you buy the best CBD Oil for Acne Scaring?

Stains of the Earth has created a CBD oil dedicated to helping with acne that's completely organic.

Whether you have been dealing with acne for a long time or it has become a recent problem for you from wearing masks, as is the case with many people in recent months, CBD can ease the pain, frustration, and embarrassment of acne and acne scars.

A small amount of CBD oil applied directly to problem areas of your skin reverses the damage caused by acne and keeps your skin healthy so breakouts occur less frequently.

Why stress your skin out even more with acid based treatments or even surgery when an all-natural CBD acne treatment is literally at your fingertips?

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