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The legalization of hemp in the US has brought about huge popularity surrounding the plant and its many uses. While we know that some people consume pure hemp oil for its supposed properties, hemp is great for more than just consumption. It's not just about CBD edibles and topicals. In fact, this leafy green may have the ability to completely change the world as we know it.

It Improves Air Quality

With climate change on the rise and all of us looking for ways to reduce our own impact, learning that hemp has myriad positive effects on the environment can let us all exhale a sigh of relief.

The hemp plant quite literally acts as an air purifier, consistently removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at a rate much quicker than that of typical trees. This means that the more hemp is grown, the cleaner our air becomes. Not to mention, hemp takes very little water to grow, so absolutely nothing is being wasted with this precious plant.

Hemp Promotes Waste Free, Plant Based Living

The hemp plant can help promote plant-based living techniques, as it can be utilized for practically anything and everything. While you can enjoy the seeds for nutrition, we can also use the stalks to receive some of the world’s strongest fibers to help create building materials or even clothing. The hemp flowers, too, can be infused into certain cosmetics like lotions or shampoos.

With hemp, every part can be utilized to add more levels of plant-based living to your lifestyle.

It Helps with Deforestation

With habitats being destroyed and foliage being eradicated, preventing deforestation is more important than ever. Thankfully, hemp can help us here, too.

Hemp can be grown and cultivated incredibly quickly--within months, even. Though trees are undoubtedly crucial to our climate, they take years to grow into mature pieces of foliage. With hemp being able to be cultivated in just about four months, growing this special plant may be able to restore nature as we know it.

Hemp Promotes Overall Sustainability

In general, hemp is an extremely sustainable substance. No matter what form it is in, hemp-based products can be efficiently reused and recycled. Hemp products are also completely biodegradable, giving us peace of mind about where our things are going once we’re done with them. When being grown, hemp requires no pesticides and very little water, as we discussed, and both of these factors can help contribute to hemp’s overall positive impact on the environment.

Its thousands of uses combined with its biodegradable properties leads researchers to believe that hemp could very well be our “next big thing” in the world of sustainability. This leafy green has proved to be way more than just a plant-- it is an integral part of our world’s future.

What the Future Holds

The world has the potential to change tenfold if we embrace the hemp plant and all it has to offer us. With its abilities to promote healthy, plant-based living and reduce our carbon footprint significantly, hemp deserves to be more commonplace (and more accepted) than it is today.

The more we learn about this interesting plant, the more the world will be able to see just how much hemp could help change it all.

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