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If you suffer from anxiety you know all too well the signs of an attack when it hits. You feel nauseous, you start sweating, you feel paralyzed as if someone has bound your arms and legs with an invisible rope. You feel the walls closing in on you and you want to scream, but everything feels trapped inside your head.

This is a reality for many people often triggered by stress, but sometimes it can come out of nowhere. Often people with anxiety are told to “just relax” or “chill” as if you can just turn it on and off at will, but this is not the reality. If it could be controlled I’m willing to bet 100% of people afflicted with anxiety would turn it off permanently. Science is still trying to determine if CBD can even help at all, but one way or another, it will never be an on/off switch for stress.

Early studies are trying to determine whether CBD impacts anxiety at all. Many additional controlled clinical studies are necessary before we know anything definitively. While science is trying to verify personal experiences that are indeed anecdotal, those sorts of stories are providing a starting point for scientists to learn more about how CBD may be able to help.

Jennifer Aniston told US magazine that she uses CBD for a variety of reasons although she has no proof that it can help her problems. Popular blogger and Jennifer Aniston fan, Rebecca Strong, followed the ageless actresses lead and tried CBD tinctures for herself. She said in her EliteDaily column, "It was a subtle difference, and if I had been expecting to suddenly live an anxiety-free life, I would have been sorely disappointed. Still, the effects were definitely noticeable in specific scenarios."

There are a lot of CBD oil reviews about CBD and stress. For some people, anxiety holds them hostage within their own brain almost daily. They live in fear of having an attack at the wrong time, like at work or while driving the kids to school. They avoid certain places, people, or situations that may trigger an attack. The research regarding CBD does need to be expanded upon, and it is definitely not a miracle cure.

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